We are one of the largest tensile companies in India, Malaysia, Kuwait and Qatar. We are specialized in Fabric Tensile Structures and have more than 0.3 million sq meters of fabric structures installation base in India and Malaysia.

With have a wealth of design, manufacturing and installation experience. We offer a fast and efficient turnaround of both large and product based structures, for all types of exterior, interior and exhibition environments.

Our staff brings over 14 years' of experience in the field of fabric architecture, from concept to visualization, design, engineering, manufacture and installation. Employing a wide variety of fabric types, we create any imaginable shape or form in any size to suit your design and budget.

Many different fabrics are available that meet the rigorous requirements of today's environment.

We provide simple, but sensible design advice. During initial consultation we work with the client, offering information on both design details and fast installations, finally providing budgets and quotations with confirming details 3D renderings of the possible structure. As you will see from our portfolio the range of structures completed vary in scale, from large stadiums, convention centers, shopping Malls, air ports, large scale amphitheaters, swimming pools roofing, entrance gate canopies to large fabric interior ceilings.

Our state of the arts fabric and steel manufacturing facilities in Bangalore and Vadodara in India and Malaysia has all the facilities to execute large membrane structure and steel structures.

Our design teams are well equipped and trained with most relevant design software for membrane structures from Germany which has been used for most of the major Olympic stadiums and outstanding structures worldwide. Also our design teams are leading by qualified designers from German Universities, and our European design partners have more than 3 decades experience in the field of membrane structures designing, engineering, fabrication and installations.

We are recommending Fabric structures as it is the fifth building construction material, aesthetically proven structure having ability to take required shape with high level of reflectivity of heat.

Tensile membrane structure designed and conceived by Technospan enables the constructions of buildings with a stunning architectural profile, but the true beauty of membrane lies in it’s superior ability to transmit light. It brings the open, airy feeling of color-corrected light indoors, filling even large sports complexes and industrial facilities with diffused, natural daylight. It’s backlit luminosity at night creates a unique and dramatic architecture on any skyline.

T.K. Abdul Sathar

T.K. Abdul Sathar

M. Archineer (M.st) - IMS eV Germany

Managing Director

  • 14 years of experience in the membrane and steel structure.
  • One of the expert designer for membrane structures from India with very good international exposures.
  • Expert in Technet Easy software for membrane structures analysis, Dlubal Rstab steel analysis software, Formfinder software etc…
  • Having international experiences in Membrane Structures designing and executions in Europe, Middle Eastern countries.
  • Undertaken large scale projects like football stadium, cricket stadiums, airports, shopping malls, amphitheaters etc in India and overseas.
Matti Orpana

Matti Orpana

Technical Adviser


  • Mr Matti Orpana is our design adviser and we wet our major projects with him.
  • 35 years of experience in the membrane and steel structure.
  • Designed various types of large scale projects throughout the world
  • One of the best designer for membrane structures and well respected person in the membrane industry worldwide.
  • Expert in Technet easy software for membrane structure analysis, Dlubal Rstab steel analysis software, formfinder, Rhino software etc...